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Manu is great! Our cars only go to Manu or the BMW dealer. He will give you a quote and work with your budget. He has given us his personal car while ours was being repaired. We flip flop between Manu and the dealer and have never had any trouble. I suggest only talk to Manu Tandel. This is a family shop and they strive to have good customer service.

Jody H.
Belmont, CA

My BMW extended warranty expired Jan. 2012 and I wanted to find a reasonable alternative for all of my future repairs. The time came when I realized that I needed new front brakes and needed to replace my heater and coolant hoses. I went to the BMW dealership to get an estimate and almost shit my pants when they gave me a quote. That’s what I get for buying the “Ultimate Driving Machine.” So, I went to Motor Sport San Mateo, because they specialize in BMW and asked Manu (Owner) for a quote. I was shocked to hear the reasonable price for quality parts and labor. I decided to schedule an appointment, and was happy that the repairs were going to be taken care of. They also gave me a loaner car for the day. I was impressed. To make a long story short, I picked up my car, all repairs were completed, my car wasn’t damaged, Manu opened my hood and explained to me what they did, my car drives better than before… I’m definitely taking my BMW 2006 330ci back to Motor Sport for all of my future services. Thank you Manu and staff for your spectacular service and prices.

Mike T.
Millbrae, CA

Let me start off by saying I am a girl who knows absolutely nothing about cars and could not care less. That being the case, when my warning signals start having a fiesta on my dashboard, I have no clue what to do. That’s where Motorsport comes in. This place has the most amazing customer service I have ever experienced. Everyone here is smart, honest, and dependable. When Manu tells you that your XYZ valve is leaking juice and your skidamarinkydinkydoo needs to be replaced, you can trust him that your XYZ valve is actually leaking juice and your skidamarinkydinkydoo actually needs to be replaced. Not to mention, the BMW service dept quoted me 3x as much as Motorsport did. This place is as good as it gets.

Krystal W.
San Mateo, CA

I have been a customer of Motorsport Division for several years. I was witn another BMW shop previously but is was not well run, was going down hill fast and not responsive to my needs. I was referred to Manu by a friend. Her experience was great. My experience has been fabulous. My wife and I had two BMW 740s and the service on each was exceptional. They check everything but do not often charge for everything. They are great for handling everything from a flat tire to a major problem. My cars have never been better taken care of. I hightly recommend them.

Frank B.
Redwood City, CA

This is a great HONEST family run shop – Manu took great care of my car and made sure I was happy with all the work that was done. Prices are very good compared to other shops I got quotes from for the same work as well which is great. I had been looking for an independent shop since my warranty ran out on my car – I stumbled upon this shop when picking a store almost at random to mount some new tires. While there I noticed two very nice BMW 2002’s in the garage and a very clean E92 parked outside – turns out Manu and his son own these cars and are themselves enthusiasts too! Needless to say I’ll be coming back for any maintenance work I’ll need to get done in the future.

Dennis B.
San Mateo, CA

Manny and his family have been taking care of my Mercedes, BMW, and Audi for years. My cars run flawlessly. You will always get exactly what you need for repairs. No more no less. Manny will always find you the most cost effective solutions. If you have not tried this shop you need to. Stop bringing your car to the dealer. This outfit does better work at better rates.

Alex K.
San Mateo, CA

Been dealing with Motosport division for over 6 years now and they are hands down the best shop I have been to. Great prices and they will go above and beyond to make you happy. I am a tech myself and when things get to tricky for me this is where I go for answers and I have never had any issues that they could not make right. If you are not happy simply tell them and they will make it right. Both the negative coments I read on here could have been takin care of if the owners would have been adults about there issues and went back and told them something was not right. As for the guy who said they didn’t change the oil filter Im calling his bluff. They fix my Porche’s my land rovers my BMW’s and when I pick them up Its sometimes less then half the price of the dealer. Best shop I have ever been to hands down. Thanks for all your excelent work guys!!!!!!

David E.
San Mateo, CA

Honest Business. Good work. I have a BMW 325i. A friend told me about this shop. I live in Newark but decided to give these guys a try. The owner Manu, showed me what was wrong with the car. Had some leaks and the power steering was out. Manu has been working on BMWs for a long time so he knows all the common problems with the car. Car was fixed and had no further issues. This is the only repair shop i go to now.

Sachin P
San Mateo, CA

EXCELLENT! My wife’s 2003 BMW X5 4.4i transmission just broke down over the weekend and had it towed to their facility. Most Shops are closed on Saturdays and the owner Manu went out of his way to meet me and the tow truck driver that night! Who does that? I’m just so impressed with him accommodating us in leaving our vehicle in such short notice. I’ve brought my cars to him before for minor services and even then he was very reasonable. His staff are just wonderful and I can’t say enough about their honesty. Most shops I’ve dealt with usually up sale me to do things I don’t really need done. Whether its the staff or Manu himself always provide options for me with his expertize to decided on whats more important to be done on my cars. His never let me down on anything. This job I had done to my wife’s X5 was a huge one and even he gave me a great deal on it. I did shop around while my vehicle was in his possession and even then I could not find a better deal. Long story short….Great place and excellent service 6 Stars if you asked me. Thank you Motorsport Division keep up the great work.

Starsky B.
San Carlos, CA

Great experience. I’ll definitely be back. They came recommended from a colleague so I decided to take my 2008 BMW there. I actually came by just to have them look at my car to check for any issues; my car was coming our of warranty and I wanted to have an independent shop look it over to see if there were any issues that I should address before my warranty ran out. Manu offered to do this for no charge. They did a good inspection, lifted the car and checked out the major components and told me the issues to get worked out. Very happy with the time they spent; I’ll definitely be back as my car needs service work in the future.

S J.
San Mateo, CA

I brought my BMW 128 to Motorsport Division due to a shaky engine. Manu ran a diagnostic and determined it to be misfiring coils. His team was quick to replace the coils and plugs. I appreciated the level of detail and context of the problem that Manu provided about the replacement parts and their manufacturers. I had a very good sense and confidence for what was happening with my car and what was required to repair it. Additionally, Manu was very helpful in working with my mechanical breakdown insurance (MBI) provider. Manu and his team were time sensitive and went to extra lengths to provide a great overall customer experience!

Zach M.
San Mateo

This is the only place to go… They are hard working, honest and good people! You are in good hands. My Porsche, Mercedes, brothers Telsa, BMW, and moms VW have all been taken care of over the years. We love Manu!

Courtney K.
Redwood City, CA